Grilled chicken strips, mushrooms, red peppers, broccoli and other goodies, tossed together with bulgur wheat and qunioa.



160g Chicken; Strips
10g Oil
50g Mushrooms; Slices
25g Red Pepper; Sliced
50g Broccoli; Blanched
50g Cherry Tomatoes; Cut
40g Bok Choy; Cut Lengthways in half
5g Basil Pesto
40g Bulgur Wheat; Cooked
40g Qunioa; Cooked


  1. + Heat the oil in a pan, fry the chicken until half cooked and then add the mushrooms and red pepper.
  2. + Add the broccoli and the cherry tomatoes to the pan and toss together.
  3. + Add in the bok choy and the basil pesto.
  4. + Toss together with the bulgur wheat and the qunioa.
  5. + Season to taste.

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