Our much anticipated SPRING menu is back – FRESH 2017 – What the Health, now available at ALL Doppio Zero’s

 We all have our own version of healthy eating and we all have a wonderfully hot summer to look forward to. Doppio Zero is offering you the chance to enjoy the Spring season with us and many delicious healthier dishes with freshly squeezed juices and power shots on offer.

For the full nutritional breakdown – please visit https://www.doppio.co.za/freshnutritionalbreakdown

“Fresh is our annual spring campaign to kickstart our summer menu. We innovate around fresh & healthy ingredients” says Chef Cassie Davis, who spearheads recipe development for Doppio Zero. “For this menu we’ve brought in a lot of super foods and some really interesting ingredients, including turmeric, matcha, acai powder, edamame beans and black rice.”

Through September and October you’ll find the Fresh menu at every Doppio Zero, along with sample shots of the juice of the day free to each customer and a bright, fresh and breezy atmosphere, making that health kick fun and contagious. Doppio Zero have done the hard work for you, working with dietician Kelly Ansley, to put together bowls full of balanced nutrition packing a powerful nutrient punch, so that all you have to do is order and enjoy, knowing that anything you choose from the Fresh menu will support your new spring-clean resolutions. Freshly squeezed juices and power shots will be sure to provide you with the boost you need to make the easy transition from winter into spring.

Balanced Breakfasts

With a curated shortlist of healthy breakfasts on the Fresh menu already in front of you, it’s easier to stay away from the temptations of your favourite Doppio Zero pastries and comfort foods on the main menu. The Acai bowl packs in the flavour with fresh strawberries, almonds, cranberries and an extra dose of nutrients from acai berries and chia seeds. The salmon and sweet potato bowl with poached eggs promises to be both hearty and healthy, or go for the Turmeric Scrambled eggs with chilli lamb sausage and tomato and onion smoor for some extra golden goodness with a comfort-food edge.

Healthy Lunch Bowls

The chef team really has their finger on the pulse of the latest food trends and the lunch section rounds up the best of bowl eating, brimming with bright colour and flavour. The Salmon Poke bowl  is where Cassie has introduced the black rice and edamame beans along with the ginger chilli cured Norwegian salmon and thin slices of pickled ginger. The Buddha bowl features chickpea fritters with kale, red pepper salsa on bulgar wheat and quinoa. The Soul Bowl appeals too with Green Thai coconut curry chicken together with wild rice, bok choi, edamame beans and toasted cashew nuts, even with this short menu there are still difficult decisions to make!

Immune-boosting Drinks

Doppio Zero are encouraging healthy choices on the drinks front too with a startlingly good value, freshly-squeezed, juice of the day, which you can also taste free of charge as a sample shot before you commit to ordering a whole glass. Depending on the day this might include beetroot and apple with apple cider vinegar and cayenne, or Carrot, celery, pineapple and ginger

Talking of shots, look out for the power shots, blends of some of those healthy ingredients that maybe don’t appeal to everyone in larger volumes but are easy to knock down in one swallow of virtuous  vitamins: think the detox powers of apple cider vinegar with orange juice and grapefruit, or turmeric’s anti-inflammatory, immune boosting powers combined with lemon juice and carrot.

You also don’t have to wave goodbye to the warm hug of a frothy latte. Get that feel-good vibe with an extra boost, from a turmeric, matcha or the spiced rooibos latte. You’re earning superfood brownie points as you sip and Doppio Zero have kindly held off on the complimentary cookies on these ones, so no need to fall into sugar temptation.

With the Fresh menu in hand it’s easy to wean yourself off winter comfort foods and re-discover the healthy summer you crave. Welcome spring this September and October with Doppio Zero…

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