There is a particularly frustrating reality for young people who are trying to break into the restaurant industry: they have the passion, the drive, and the will, but they don’t have the right experience or the skills that will open doors for them. Even in the entry-level job market, few seem willing to give these young people a chance. But we want to do just that!

‘The corporate world largely tends to focus on what employees can do for the company, how employees can work together to create bigger brands and increase profits. But we think it’s equally important for brands to work together to create opportunities for people.

There are so many people who don’t have the skills for even entry-level jobs and they’re just being brushed aside. But when you come right down to it, it’s really not a big deal for a corporate to give someone a core skill. As businesses, we can give people a starting point. As businesses we all really should.

And so, with this in mind, and inspired by the call to make every day a Mandela Day, we have created a constructive and practical #67Jobs campaign. It’s specifically created for young people who have little or no chance of breaking into the restaurant industry because of their lack of skills and experience.

Partnering with various NGOs, South Africa’s much loved home of gourmet pizzas and Mediterranean food has already accepted a number of young candidates who are currently being trained in various entry-level disciplines to Doppio Zero’s high standard of skills.

Almost reaching the completion of her two month #67Jobs programme, Nonhlanhla Sibiya says that her vision for her future is already brighter and more promising than ever before. Her family’s financial struggles meant that she couldn’t afford to get the education and training that would help her turn her life around.

Wander tells us how he had always dreamed of being a chef, but because he had limited kitchen training, he couldn’t find work. When Doppio Zero Director and Co-owner Paul Christie heard about Wander, he gave him the chance to learn and work and prove himself in the Doppio Zero kitchen.

Wander joined Doppio Zero in 2003 as a Prep Chef; today he has passionately and steadfastly worked his way up to become Doppio Zero Greenside’s Kitchen Manager and one of its longest standing staff members.

‘My whole life has changed,’ says Wander.

‘All we did was open a door,’ says Ivan Walsh – Operations Director. ‘Wander did all the rest. He is the one who took that opportunity and turned his life around. And when we see such wonderful, sustainable change, it’s impossible to resist the idea of doing the same thing for others.’

These are our success stories… so now take up the challenge SA YOUTH!

Apply for our EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING PROGRAMME today to obtain a hospitality industry skills set!

Please ensure you send us your location, contact info and chosen restaurant – pick from list below

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PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a position of permanent employment within a Doppio Zero restaurant. You will not receive a salary but rather a skills set within the restaurant industry during our experiential learning course.

Make everyday a Mandela day…

The Wish Tree Initiative

Mandela Day inspired us to put out a national challenge and see if corporate South Africa can assist us in UPSKILLING those that may never have a chance to become providers for themselves and their families…

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